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Seijuurou or and Momotarou → asked by yogidezart

Honestly I followed you for kian \ o2l but the anime posts were a nice bonus ! Plus post/blog whatever you want don't worry about what other people want ! Have a nice day <3 ps: sorry for my bad English.

I try telling myself that all the time but there are times where I pay more attention to what other people want more than what I want :( but thank you so much; hearing it from someone else is more assuring :)

P.S. Your English doesn’t seem bad at all!


I'm glad you exist now have a great life

Thank you love that means a lot to me <3

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It’s not like he doesn’t make mistakes, and he’s quick to let taunts get to him, but…
He’s the second-strongest after Azumane, and most importantly,
his ability to perform when he’s cornered doesn’t deteriorate.
That mental strength…
Those are unmistakably…
The qualities of an ace.




the joke is that they still didn’t fucking kiss


horrible edit but I’m still pumped from my WWA concert & I just turned 19 so I figured now would be a cool time to finally make this follow forever :) All these blogs make my dash such a wonderful place so you really should follow them too. I hope I didn’t forget anyone but even if you aren’t on here I love you all as much as Harry loves Niall  x

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The Heist: its been a year since this madness begun and honestly im so glad jelica asked me to become an admin cause you guys are so weird and funny and crazy and it just keeps getting weirder, funnier, and crazier


JADAAA thank you weenie and I love you, I guess :X

What the fuck do you mean that a Pokemon master isn’t a real job??

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